Why Vote Green

Not Left. Not Right.

Forward Together.

Why Green? Canadians are ready for a Change in politics.

Most politicians are only focused on winning the next election.

MPs of integrity are fired for speaking out and putting country before party.

Money Talks! Corporate interests dominate small businesses, communities, future generations and the environment. 

Our government spends billions on outdated oil infrastructure and fights Indigenous people in court.

Why Green? Greens Govern Differently.

Old-style politics are BROKEN, we need new thinking.

Greens are committed to collaboration, transparency and fairness.

Integrity matters. Trust matters.

Green leaders are forward thinking. Green MPs can vote how their constituents want; old party MP’s must vote the party line (whipped votes). Greens don’t whip the vote.

Why Now? Because it is time for Real Climate Action.

Young people are in the streets, afraid they won’t inherit a livable earth. 

Climate change affects everything – our jobs, our health, the economy, civilization itself. 

We already know the solutions, The Green Party has the political courage to act.

Mission:Possible is our plan to light the path to a new economy that puts people, small business and the planet ahead of corporate profit. Together we can act to reverse climate change and improve the lives of all Canadians.

Why Now! Greens are the change everyone is waiting for!

Enough of the same tired, old power games and cynical tactics.

Why continue to vote for politicians who we all know promise one thing to win a majority and do the opposite once in power?

Real change comes not by voting someone out but by voting for what we believe in.

This is our chance, let’s make it real!